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SJW, or: Sexy Jewish Werewolf

Attractive witch leaving tonight's meeting, or: Hot out of the coven

Extremely nationalist Irish woman who refuses to wear underwear, or: Erin Go Braless

Swallowing bubblegum, or: This chew shall pass

No-deal Brexit, or: Bojo's Bizarre Adventure

Citizen of Hong Kong, or: Honky

Napoleon Bonaparte, or: The Unmitigated Gaul

Transgender, or: Cis-nyet

Joseph of Nazareth, or: I didn't sign up for this shit

Bell Telephone, or: You'll sign up for our phone service and you'll like it

LGBT Teetotalers, or: We're here we're queer we're not fond of beer

Drowning, or: overdosing on Homeopathy

Mozzarella Stick, or: Italian Twix

Politically conservative knick-knack emporium found trafficking stolen cuneiform tablets, or: Hobby Lobby is a little robby

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