I don't smoke
don't drink
don't fuck
At least I can fucking think.

I can't keep up
can't keep up
can't keep up
Out of step with the world

This is how the song "Out of Step" by the early influential punk band Minor Threat goes. The song lays out lead singer Ian MacKaye's views on the rampant drug use he saw in the early DC hardcore punk scene. This song is also viewed as kind of creed by Straight Edge kids, who live a clean lifestyle by not partaking in drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or promiscuous sex. Some Straight Edgers take it a step further and eliminate things like caffeine and meat from their lives by going vegetarian or vegan.

Ian Mackaye, besides writing the songs that became the anthems of kids rejecting drugs, is well known for starting Dischord Records and playing in the band Fugazi.

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