Feeling the heat from the awesome sales of Nintendo's Game Boy, NEC counteracted by releasing the PC Engine GT. Instead of playing its own dedicated games, the GT played every single one of the PC Engine's HuCard games, and then some. The GT was way ahead of its time (and justifiably so, considering its ¥44,800 pricetag). It featured a backlit 2" active-matrix LCD screen (active-matrix greatly reduced the blurring of moving images, compared to the Game Boy's spinach blur-fest of a dot matrix screen), and a port to link up two GTs for multiplayer gaming (although games had to be specially programmed to utilize that feature). It could also be used as a television, thanks to the separate TV Tuner. Its shape was the same vertical setup as the Game Boy's, but was even less pocket-friendly. The six AA batteries (which were sucked dry within a couple of hours) weighed it down heavily, but besides that, just imagine lugging around this brick of a system. On the up side, you could play any PC Engine game anywhere, and in the dark no less! Simply radical.

Known in North America as the TurboExpress.

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