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A drinking game played in Southern England at least, involving mildly complicated rules and a pack of cards. Although the rules seem difficult to remember, they are surprisingly easy to remember even when rather inebriated.

Here’s The Rules:

Take a pack of cards and shuffle them liberally. More than one pack can be used if you’re planning to go on a real bender.

Get some mates to come round, this game needs to be played with a few people, say 5+ or it gets boring.

Now, everybody sits in a circle and must have a drink with them. The cards can either be passed round or sat in the middle. Sat in the middle is the fairest way of playing, but whatever.

Each person takes it in turn to flip over a card, followed by performing the action required by that card.

The actions are as follows:

Ace – Grace You don’t have to drink this go. Go get food or more beer or something. Be useful!

2 - To You Pick someone to have a drink.

3 - To Me You have a drink.

4 – On the Floor Last person to put their hands on the floor has a drink.

5 – Touch the Sky Last person to put their hands in the air has a drink.

6 – To the Left Person on your left has a drink.

7 – To the Right Person on your right has a drink.

8 – Pick a Mate Pick someone and you both drink until the picker stops.

9 – Bust a Rhyme You must say one line of a rhyme and continue round the circle until someone cannot think of a word that rhymes with the previous line.

10 – New Rule Make up a new rule. Eg. Everyone must be referred to as Stavros. If someone calls someone by their real name they must have a drink.

Jack – Knock One Back Finish your drink.

Queen – New rule again.

King – The Ring or Waterfall Everyone starts drinking. Only the person whose go it is can stop after which the person to their right can stop and so on until the last person who will be unconscious.

Continue until everyone gives up or you run out of alcohol.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any bad things happening to you whilst playing this game. If good stuff happens and you like it, then you can blame me.

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