Ah yes, who can forget the adventures of Balki and Cousin Larry Appleton in late eighties to early nineties Chicago? As a salute to the ABC comedy series, what follows is the unofficial Perfect Strangers Drinking Game.

Take a drink when:

  • Balki refers to the island of Mypos.
  • Balki says "Get out of the city!"
  • Larry wins an argument by asking Balki how many times he's done the act in question.
  • Jennifer and Mary Anne start arguing.
  • Balki calls Larry "Cousin Larry App-le-ton."
  • Larry comes up with a scheme to make some quick money.
  • Balki makes a joke and says, "Where do I come up with them?"
Take two drinks when:
  • Harriet Winslow from Family Matters appears on the show.
  • Gorpley tries to take advantage of Balki's naivete.
  • Larry uses an idiom and Balki takes it literally.
  • Balki's last name (Bartokomous) is mispronounced.
  • Larry gets that look of greed on his face.
  • Balki and Mary Anne laugh at the same time, and both finish with a simultaneous *sigh*.
  • Balki cooks a Myposian delicasy (cold remedies are included.)
Take three drinks when:
  • "Now we're so happy, we do the Dance of Joy!"
  • Mary Anne and Jennifer's apartment is shown.
  • A reference to Moonlighting is made.
  • Balki gets a call from his mother in Mypos.
  • Balki makes out with Mary Anne.
  • Wayne Newton is mentioned.
Down your beverage when:
  • Someone from Mypos appears on the show (aside from Balki.)
  • Jennifer slaps/punches Larry.
  • One of the characters gets a new job.
  • Balki wins an argument by asking how many times Larry has done the act in question.
  • Something goes out the apartment window (this can be a piano, a bird, a cake, or even a person.)

Inspired by The Golden Girls Drinking Game

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