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This is a drinking game for NHL 2000 that I made up. It can also be used with real hockey, just make the modifications that you have to.

The Rules:

Okay, get a copy of NHL 2000, and put it in the Playstation, or the Computer, or the Dreamcast, or the toaster, whatever.

(If you put it in the toaster, you're already done, you've probably been playing too much already, but as an added bonus, you get to chug the dollar amount of the game in alcoholic beverages!)

  • Turn it on, pick your teams and start playing.
  • Every time you are scored on, take a drink.
  • Every time you incur a penalty, take a drink.
  • Anytime you get in a fight, you chug while button mashing.
  • Every time the announcer mispronounces a name, take a drink, (watch out for Mo-DAN-o, Stars fans)
  • Whenever you score with your 4th line against a second or first, your opponent must chug while the replay is left to run.
  • If you score and the announcer says, "Eddaboo!" You drink two shots of a random hard liquor.

Okay, this is only a basic start up... But once you get good and going, you might want to add additional bonuses, like, every time the announcer repeats himself, drink, and everytime you switch lines, drink.

For the Irish only:

Okay, since you're good and ready, and you're not getting crocked from the regular game, you'll have to add a couple things extra to your game. Whenever the team logo is visible on the ice, chug. Also, you can try playing team France, you're sure to get scored on much much more! Watch out for those pronunciations too!


This game works surprisingly well for real hockey games too. Just pick a team to root for, and get to it. The "eddaboo" rule counts double, just in case anyone ever really says "eddaboo" (weirdass monkey bitches). If you want to get really smaffed, go ahead and pick somebody like the Thrashers as your team of choice in the game. It should be the last thing you remember before you wake up in the bathroom of a house you've never been to.

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