Traditional dance from the country Mypos. Introduced to the United States by Balki Bartokemous (Bronson Pinchot) on the TV sitcom Perfect Strangers. His "Cousin" Larry (Mark-Linn Baker) was forcibly subjected to it any time Balki got good news.

See also: Balki-isms

More precisely, the dance requires two people (but can be done solo if you don't mind pulling a muscle). Each dancer puts his/her hands on the shoulders of the other dancer and then proceed to do a series to kicks out to the side while singing the following lyrics (with each kick coindicing with the pronunciation of each word):

Dy dy dy dy
Dydy dydydydy
(At this point each dancer alternates jumping up by pushing off of his/her partner's shoulders)
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
(At the final "Hey!" whichever dancer is shorter should leap up and be caught by the taller dancer).

Balki was quite fond of the Dance of Joy, while his cousin Larry was not and resisted doing the dance as much as possible. The dance is a custom on the island of Mypos.

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