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A generic Australian term for some sort of iced confection on a stick ('Now don't get bloody paddlepop all down the front of ya bloody shirt, love.').

'Paddle Pop' is a trademark of Unilever Australia Ltd, and is an icecream on a stick sold by Streets (one of the two large Australian icecream manufacturers, the other being Pauls). That it has become a generic term for all such stick-mounted cold treats is a testimony to its popularity. Even the tongue depressor-like sticks used so often in childrens' craft are referred to as 'paddlepop sticks'.

The Paddle Pop mascot is the Paddle Pop Lion. Paddle Pop Lion features heavily in Paddle Pop advertising, enjoying all sorts of wild adventures involving pirates, outer space and Indiana Jones-like scenarios that invariably end up with he and some animated kiddies slurping down Paddle Pops.

The two stand-by flavours of Paddle Pop are chocolate and banana. While more elaborate flavours appear from time to time, only one has become a permanent addition to the Paddle Pop range - the psychadelic Rainbow Paddle Pop.

One of the reasons for the Paddle Pop's market domination must be the 'Lick-A-Prize' concept. Upon devouring the slightly watery icecream, one carefully examines the stick for a special hieroglyph which will bestow upon the holder a prize, such as a new BMX bike, or a TV. Larger prizes (such as all-expenses paid trips to Disneyland for a family of four) usually require one to collect multiple sticks which form a larger picture (like a Boeing 747).

See http://www.paddlepop.com.au.

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