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Panjabi MC is a Rap, Hip Hop and remix artist born in Coventry, UK. His niche is remixing traditional Bhangra tracks/samples with Hip Hop beats. His biggest track on the international circuit has been 'Mundian To Bach Ke' which was a hit on the European dance circuit in 2002. PMC achieved notoriety and fame on the bhangra scene in the mid-1990s, with three albums titled 'Souled Out', '100% Proof' and 'Grass Roots'. He was the first UK born Bhangra artist to visit India specifically to record traditional bhangra vocalists like Kuldip Manak, Surinder Shinda, Labh Janghua and overlay their stark vocals with hip-hop beats. In the mid-90s, most of the Bhangra scene had moved towards a smoother sound similar to Hindi film music, PMC's three albums bucked that trend and created a small corner for Bhangra and remix artists willing to go back to a rougher, bass driven sound, with the traditional tumbi and dhol taking center stage.

PMC is a part of a larger trend in the UK where the music of Punjab slowly making its way into the mainstream. The Punjabi community in the UK, especially the second-generation, has to balance their participations in two separate and distinct cultures. By bringing bhangra into the mainstream, PMC's music bridges the gap between the music Indian youngsters hear at weddings and in clubs. Jazzy B and Bally Sagoo are bhangra artists most similar to PMC in terms of material and age.

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