!!! is an eight piece dance/funk/post-punk indie rock group from Sacramento, California. They play danceable music with punk energy and DIY spirit. The sound of !!! could be likened to Parliament, Gang of Four, Radio 4, and VHS or Beta.


Nic Offer - Throat
Tyler Pope - Guitar
Mario Andreoni - Guitar
Justin VanDerVolgen - Bass
Allan Wilson - Sax, Percussion
Dan Gorman - Trumpet, Percussion
Jason Racine - Percussion
John Pugh - Drums

You may be wondering how exactly to pronounce their name. !!! say to use any repetitive sound times three. The most common form is "Chik Chik Chik", though crowd favorites include "Pow Pow Pow," "Yeow Yeow Yeow," and "Uh Uh Uh."

The band formed in 1996 with the combination of three indie/punk bands, The Yah-mos, Popesmashers, and The Greens. !!! set out to create a roving dance party at every club they played. Since many in the audience would be jaded indie kids who like to keep just "doing the standing still" (to quote a The Dismemberment Plan song), they would have to taunt and harass the audience by any means necessary to get every single person in the club to dance. Luckily, the band's sound is meant to be enjoyed live, and even most timid people can't help but be energized by the band's enthusiasm and hectic live show.

Unfortunately, the sound of !!! is difficult to translate into a recording, so to date there is only one full-length record from the band, 2000's !!!, which took over 6 months to record.

Fortunately, !!! is due to release a 12" single and a new full-length album in 2003.


!!! (2000)

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