slang for getting high on pot
example:  Whoa man after those two blunts, I'm pretty jaded.  Where's the Cheetos?

A state that one becomes in when one has been exposed to too many bad things and loses their faith in the ability for things to change in a positive manner. Very similar to numb; is a bad thing because it causes one to lose their drive want to fix things.

The name of Tina Yothers' band.

Jaded's album "Confessions" hit the stores in October of 2000. From what I've heard, it's got a grunge feel to it with angst-ridden but pop influenced lyrics and styles. They're an above satisfactory band, but there's no real originality here. It's like it has an illusion of being dirty and gritty but they're still playing it safe musically, and are not really accomplishing anything that fifty bands before them haven't already done.

To learn more, and to decide for yourself if this band is right for you, try

Jaded is an adjective indicating that one is tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm, usually because one has experienced an event or situation so many times that it no longer holds any interest.

This sense of 'jade' was originally used to refer to tired, overworked, and old horses, and was eventually generalized to humans. It is uncertain why horses were referred to as jaded, but it does not seem to have any relation to the semi-precious stone.

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