There are plenty of beautiful things in the world, you may not have any of them but you don't matter so just shut up and quit bothering me.

Life is wonderful, from the smallest bug to the biggest tree it amazes me every day. What also amazes me is that someone as stupid as you manages to make it through the day without choking on their own tongue.

Wow, you look really good today. I mean usually you look like shit, but now.... I mean whoa!! if you looked like this more often I might not make fun of you behind your back and shun you from my social group.

You have so many friends. Sure they just take advantage of you, make you feel like shit and generally all around use you to make themselves feel good and further their own crappy existence but that's what friends are for.

Jesus loves you. Well as long as you aren't gay or jewish or .... hell as long as you follow my religion and do exactly as you're told and never question it Jesus will like you just fine.

Even if everything in life turns against you and you feel like the world is closing in. Just remember. There are people out there far worse off than you. So you have quite a way to go before you have something to really bitch about. If you ever do make it to the bottom of rock bottom well then you can always drive a rocket ship into the sun.

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