Interesting how many critics of Christianity often bash the most basic, beautiful facets of the religion. "Jesus Loves You" is an expression of the importance of all persons. "Jesus Loves You" is an expression of the essential goodness that lurks within all of us. "Jesus Loves You" is an expression of the amazing figure of Jesus himself, a person who would unconditionally love everyone.

"Jesus Loves You" is not about repressing those you disagree with (i.e. 'heretics'). "Jesus Loves You" is not about killing doctors. "Jesus Loves You" is not about war, slavery, repression, or such. It's about love!

I am not a Christian. I don't believe in god or salvation. But I do believe that Jesus was an amazing, wonderful man who started a religious movement that got carried away and went in a direction completely contrary to his original wishes. If he were alive today to do so, Jesus'd probably love me, and he'd love you too.

If you're going to bash Christianity, feel free. But fucking bash it where it's wrong! Jesus loves me more than you is what I'm talking about: twisting the loving ideals of Christ into such nonsense is ridiculous, and deserves criticism.

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