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an exclamation!

can be used as an expression of great surprise! ( :O )
also works equally well as an expression of both glee! ( :D ) and horror! ( >:O )
but not so much as an expression of apathetic indifference ( :| )

some people like to say "Sweet Jesus!" and are pleased with the emotive gratification it affords them. But I feel that the additive of "on a stick!" just gives it that extra oomph.

I had been under the prolonged impression that I'd created this exclamation! myself and that I was it's sole employer.. until I heard someone use it the other day. I was somewhat put out that it wasn't all mine anymore but not enough to throw it by the wayside. Nay, I shall continue using it.
And lo and behold, when I got the urge to node and share this wonderous exclamation! with you all, I saw a similar one: sweet jesus on a toothpick
Now, i must say that that one is certainly CUTER than my stick rendition, but it is certainly FLOWS less poetically. I invite you to try it out. Compare, if you will, the "toothpick" vs. the "stick"
does "sweet jesus on a stick!" not roll off the tongue in a more satisfying manner?
I daresay it does.

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