A brilliant supercar produced by British company, Delfino, or "dolphin" in Italian. In fact, this 2000 model was the first (and still is the only) model ever produced by this company. And yes, that would make the title of this car the "Fierce Dolphin," and as corny as that sounds, its performance and style compensates the almost misleading name. The Feroce is based off the Subaru Impreza's rally-inspired chassis. Delfino, of course, modifies their own flat-4 turbocharged engine, as well as designs and assembles their own composite fiber monocoque for this highly modified WRX. This important composite fiber body creates a smooth ride and great handling when harnessing the 276 hp output of this small two-seater convertible. Then again, the 50,000 pound price goes into consideration, but still this car has a great power for the price value.


Powertrain:   Front Engine AWD
Engine:       Flat-4 turbocharged
Horsepower:   276-280 @ 5650 rpm
Torque:       256 ft/lbs @ 4000 rpm
0-60:         3.8-4.0!  Sweet Jesus on a stick!
Top Speed:    150 mph / 241.4 kph

Amazingly, this model is featured on the console that will become the next Dreamcast except without honor Xbox exclusive, Project Gotham Racing as one of the top models. Of course, with the Ferrari bias in the game, the Feroce is poorly represented. It even beats out my esteemed and loved (yet probably will never be owned) stock R34 GT-R. However, I have heard that on many tracks, the Delfino is one of the best cars to pick for the most kudos, but usually the Ferrari F50 will get you the most points. Ok, enough about the corporate crap Xbox. Still don't think this Feroce is nice? Well, personally, I think the fog lights are a bit extreme, but it's still a very nice car. But don't take my word for it:

"The Feroce is remarkably easy to drive, we have produced a balanced car, very light but stiff and robust, which outstrips just about everyone else on the road - we are delighted with the result". - Developers Borrowman and Prendergast of Delfino.

Of course, along with their own praise, the Feroce has recieved many positive reviews from top magazines, and even from the infamous BBC car show, Top Gear. I just hope that Delfino will conjure up some more great vehicles in the future for us to enjoy.

See also: Delphino (well, when this node is made), Subaru Impreza WRX

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