Well I didn't expect to find this as a nodeshell, considering the number of softlinks (and I assume, of people thinking this). Though it isn't really that surprising considering the world that we live in.

It seems to be socially acceptable nowadays for there to be teens with angst. People don't seem too concerned about the high rate of suicide. We are depressed, alone, sorry, and hating our lives. Why is it that the Hedgehog's Dilemma seems to occur so often? Why do some people think that love is suicide and that Loneliness is next to godliness? I really don't know. If I knew I would probably be making millions writing Self Help books that actually work.

Movies such as Fight Club and anime such as Neon Genesis Evangelion are hugely popular, especially among young people. What do they have in common? Well they both show some fucked up shit. People like this stuff because they can relate to it. There is nothing better when you are feeling down than to go watch something where the protagonist is more screwed up than you. Life doesn't suck so much when there is someone else whose life sucks more than yours. What is the use of wallowing in your own self pity when you can just watch someone else doing it.

Tomorrow's just an excuse away, but for many tomorrow will never come. Some people find it hard to understand what the troubled are going through. Cynics may just label them as yet another teen trying to get attention.

Depression is a disease.

You deny that fact in an attempt to suppress that facet of your reality

Am I babbling? Probably. Do I care? Not at all. Does my life suck? Not at the moment. Has it ever done? You're Damn Straight. Will it again in the future? It's highly likely. Should I be worrying about it now? Fuck no.

Why should I worry about it, when there is so much of my life left to live?

Just a note, I didn't realise this before, but this is my 200th writeup. Yay me.

Life is a mountain grim and bleak,
and climb it you must.

Smile, with sorry in your heart,
for you cannot weep.

The wind takes the tears
before they fall from your eyes.

Iron Noder 2020, 14/30

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