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Episode 9 of Space Ghost Coast to Coast first aired on September 30, 1994. It was written by Matt Maiellaro.

Guests: This episode's guests are a panel of therapists, as Space Ghost calls them, including Hollywood Squares regular Dr. Joyce Brothers, humorist/writer/comedian Rich Hall, and and Details magazine sex columnistAnka Radakovich.

Episode Premise: In this episode, Space Ghost has taken it upon himself to get help for Zorak's problem of being evil. Moltar has his own problems as well, including a self-admitted addiction to fire and the need to get kisses from the guests before they talk to SG and Zorak. Dr. Joyce is first, and while Zorak makes references to news radio icon Paul Harvey in the background, the doctor comes to believe that SG is the one with the issue. So much so, that SG is to get a double bill from her for having a split personality. Next up is Rich Hall, and he's willing to help Space Ghost, but SG just wants Rich to make up new sniglets, and annoys him to no end about it. SG also seeks advice on women from Rich, who tells him he should lie to women about what he does, for example claiming he's the drummer for Pearl Jam. Anka Radakovich makes her appearance on the show, and everybody is naturally out to charm the pants off of her, with Zorak and SG both taking Rich's advice about lying about being the drummer for Pearl Jam, and Moltar staking claim on her (since she claimed to like pyromaniacs). SG finally just resorts to singing and speaking French in a loud voice while Zorak and Moltar fight over Anka. Chances are nobody got to go home with her.

Batmantis -- The Mask

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