Self-help, in our culture (that is, the culture of those noders who live in America in the twenty-first/twenty-second century), has been increasingly propagated by books, magazines, tv shows, and modern day gurus. It is the practice of improving one's life through improving, not so much one's circumstances, as one's priorities, reactions, and demeanor. That is,

If improving your priorities...
Remember, what should be important to you is you. Allocate at least one hour every evening to a soothing bubble bath, with soft music, incense, and candles.

If improving your demeanor...
Don't blow up at your kids if they frustrate you. Just smile and think about that soothing bubble bath, with soft music, incense, and candles

If improving your reactions...
If anyone accuses you of running away from the real world, don't confront them. Confrontation is bad. Just get the hell out of there and go take a soothing bubble bath, with soft music, incense, and candles.

We are all-
those alive or doing
our best to be so-

in danger of losing our minds
or what passes for them
in this company anyway.

It is the only sure way to know
that we are alive.
However; there is a matter of sometimes

getting on with things
rather than simply listening to others
gathered around the recursive circle

who are feeding themselves
by telling us so religiously
how to get fed.


Self`-help" (?), n.

The act of aiding one's self, without depending on the aid of others.


© Webster 1913

Self`-help", n. (Law)

The right or fact of redressing or preventing wrongs by one's own action without recourse to legal proceedings, as in self-defense, distress, abatement of a nuisance, etc.


© Webster 1913

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