Episode 8 of Space Ghost Coast to Coast first aired on September 30, 1994. It was written by Matt Maiellaro.

Guests: This episode features Adam West (Batman) as well as Lee Meriwether and Eartha Kitt (two of the many Catwomen), alumni of the 1960s TV kitsch classic Batman.

Episode Premise: Moltar is kidnapped! By an evil villian known as Your Mother! While Space Ghost tries to contact Batman, Zorak becomes Batmantis, and from there we not only get a Batman sound effect parody (in that when SG shoots beams out of his power bands in this episode, he gets a word), but we get a quick reference to the Spanish Translation episode (going somewhere to get butter and cheese). And while Zorak in the Batmantis costume seaches for Moltar, Space Ghost enlists the help, advice, and interview time of Lee Meriwether, Adam West, and Eartha Kitt. West seemingly provides the most trouble for SG, by refusing to become Batman, not beaming SG a copy of his autobiography that he spent time shilling, and arguing about who has the better sidekick. As far as Batmantis himself goes, he's more into having suspenseful sting music follow his every line and demanding Lee Meriwether's money, among other annoyances. All the while Moltar is in imminent peril of being frozen to death by Your Mother. Eartha Kitt (as she's known to do) is more interested at purring and letting SG know how she likes her men, only to be interrupted by Moltar's frozen demise!

But it was all a dream! Or does danger still lurk at the bake sale? That is the suspenseful mystery we're left with.

Banjo -- Self Help

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