Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Episode Guide
Season 8 - Episode 79 - First aired on September 2nd, 2001
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Guests: Björk and Thom Yorke.
Written by: Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis

Episode Premise: Space Ghost juggles Thom Yorke and Björk through the whole episode. Apperantly, Space Ghost has married Björk. He attempts to avoid her and fails repeatedly. Space Ghost writes a song about a knife called Knifin' Around after catching Moltar waving a knife around at Thom Yorke. Zorak goes out back by the dumpster and smashes some glass with a friend. This is, in my opinion, possibly one of the most surreal and hilarious episodes of Space Ghost. And an imminently quotable one. It's filled with obscure dungeons and dragons jokes and music piracy.

Some quotes to give you a general feel for the episode.

Björk: I have to go to the toilet.
Space Ghost: You remember the difference between the toilet and the sofa, right?
Björk: I think so.
Space Ghost: And remember how angry I got.
Björk: It smells like.. bad eggs.
Space Ghost: Because that's what happens when you boil the cushions of the couch you'd been urinating on.

Space Ghost: (to Moltar) Now you listen to me. I could go to jail in Mexico if Thom were to hear that I'm copying his CD.
(to Thom Yorke) Don't look at me! We're talking about dragons.
(to Moltar) So you take Thom out to the set while I burn and verify these...
(to Thom) these... dragons.

Thom Yorke: Do you take those, those intelligence drugs?
Space Ghost: I don't need intelligent drugs, Thom. Because I don't know what they are. Okay, Thom? Thom Yorke: Yeah.
Space Ghost: But I will put anything into my mouth that is given to me. Whether it's supposed to go there or not. Because... I'm different. Is that clear with everyone? Just...different.

Space Ghost: Look, listen everybody...please? Listen to me. I have a hit song about a knife. And yes, I'm married.

Space Ghost: Yeah, okay? Everything gets married. Even animals and spiders. And, just because they don't have cakes and suits and wedding parties and expensive rings, doesn't mean that they're not legally... married.

Space Ghost: Uh, not right now, honey, please, I'm, I'm right in the middle of a, um... giant space war.
Björk: I, I enjoy talking to you.
Space Ghost: Yes, you do, but like I said, this space war, what can I do? Aliens.
Björk: Yeah.
Space Ghost: (waving) Yeah, so, you have to go now.
Björk: Okay.
Space Ghost: Okay. So, I'll talk to you when there's peace. In space.

Zorak: Hey, um... what'd you bury?
Space Ghost: Her mother.
Zorak: Cool.
Space Ghost: No, Zorak, it's just a bagel, she started calling "mother".

Space Ghost: Look, marriage is about hiding in the kudzu behind your apartment and not going in until the lights are completely out.

Zorak: I need what you have...I need a woman. Someone that I can sell her organs to Black Sabbath...

This node is dedicated to DyRE for being there to get it. And for an excellent episode guide/transcript.

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