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Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Episode Guide
Season 7 - Episode 76 - First aired on December 17th, 1999
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Guests: Jon Benjamin
Written by: Dave Willis, Matt Maiellaro, Pete Smith, Jim Fortier, Mark Banker

Episode Premise: The episode opens with Space Ghost locked out of the studio, yelling at Zorak and Moltar. He fires them for not letting him back in. Brak and Tansut both get locked out while trying to let Space Ghost back in. Zorak and Moltar decide to start a band. Everyone else gets back into the Ghost Planet. Brak takes over for Zorak and Tansut takes over for Moltar. Zorak and Moltar prank call Space Ghost and convince him to go to his apartment. While Space Ghost is there, Zorak and Moltar go back to the studio and kidnap Jon Benjamin. They then attempt to ransom him and release a movie trailer called "Unreasonable Demands". Space Ghost realizes they're in his apartment and goes to negotiate with them. Space Ghost goes up to the apartment and Moltar and Zorak are disguised as lamps. Space Ghost decides it must not be his apartment, so he moves into a haunted apartment.

The title: The title is from two of Space Ghost's lines in the episode. The first line of the episode is: "-king dead! And if you don't open the door and let me in, you're fired." When Space Ghost is outside his apartment, speaking on a megaphone, he says "Just don't touch my TV, okay? Or you're (megaphone crackles)-king dead!"

Some notable quotes:

(Zorak prank calling Space Ghost)
Zorak Please! Help me! I am being attacked!
Moltar And you're a woman.
Zorak And, uh, I'm a woman.
Moltar Hang up. He'll be here any minute.
Space Ghost She'd be dead by the time I got there.

Zorak And we have many demands that are very unreasonable!
Moltar And disorganized! We have to sort them out and prioritize! 'Cause some of the demands maybe aren't as strong as others, and still others aren't as outrageous so they go in a separate box and the what, uh...from the...uh...
Zorak Just give us two weeks!

Thanks to http://snard.com/sg/ for the transcripts.

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