Episode 10 of Space Ghost Coast to Coast first aired on November 4, 1994. It was written by Milk and Cheese/Dork! creators Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer.

Guests: The guests on this episode are Tonight Show bandleader Branford Marsalis and 70's teen idol-turned-radio personality-turned- celebrity boxer Danny Bonaduce, or Bonaduckie, or Partridge.

Episode Premise: The Dorkin and Dyer episodes of SGC2C were always a little more twisted than others, and tended to practice heavier use of not only other characters from the original Space Ghost series, but also appearances and mentions of characters from the other Hanna-Barbera 60's action cartoons (Herculoids, Birdman, Dino Boy). All through this episode Moltar has a space flu of some sort (it's where the Disease part of the title comes from). It causes him to do things like throw up in his helmet and randomly lose the the signal feed of the guests. While talking to SG, Branford is caught chewing gum. This gets the attention of Zorak, as he spends the rest of the episode begging for and demanding gum (it's where the Gum part of the title comes from). It's a bit that gets referenced in some other episodes. And while talking to Danny Bonaduce we find out one of his two lifelong dreams when he was a kid was to be a policeman. The other was to punch out a member of the Osmond family. And due to that, my personal admiration for Bonaduce has grown by a leap and a bound. Other than that, Space Ghost is caught playing Sonic the Hedgehog when returning from commercials, Danny spends the interview scaring Space Ghost by breaking into one of the Partridge Family's many hits, we see Zorak in a Devo costume, and we get the first of many disses on Jan and Jace, Space Ghost's sidekicks from the 60's series. No reference to Blip the monkey though.

The Mask -- A Space Ghost Christmas

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