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Episode 11 of Space Ghost Coast to Coast first aired on December 25, 1994, since then running every year around Christmas with a selection of 3 random previously-aired episodes in an hour-long format, all joined by holiday themed segments. The new Christmas-specific segments were written by Matt Maiellaro.

Guests: The guests on this episode vary, due to the setup. The Christmas-specific segments guest star (or I should say cameo) Kevin Meaney, who was previously in the Spanish Translation episode.

Episode Premise: Well, this is more or less a requisite holiday special from Space Ghost and the gang. They use the season to sing carols in their own demented way, look back at older episodes, and introduce the Council of Doom to SGC2C. Zorak's carolling habits are appropriately punkish, by annoying SG with repeating clicks, throwing "Gabba Gabba Hey" into "Deck the Halls", and performing a little ditty called "Anarchy in Jingle Bell Land". The Council of Doom performs the 12 Days of Christmas, with some very diffrent lyrics. We get a quick CHIPs gag with Moltar too. Other than that though this is more or less a "best-of" style show.

Gum, Disease -- President's Day Nightmare

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