Where did the Ramones get their 'Gabba Gabba Hey!' chant from at the end of the song 'Pinhead'?(No, it's not my name). First of all, the chant comes at the end of the seventh track on their second album; 1977's Leave Home. The song was performed live almost every show since then, often near the end of the set, or in the encore.

In 1932, silent movie director Tod Browning made a film simply entitled 'Freaks'. The film was about the lives and times of circus freaks, like the strongman, the armless and legless man, midgets, and pinheads. The Ramones song is called 'Pinhead', because the "Gabba Gabba We Accept You" and "One Of Us" lines in the song are roughly what the pinheads in the film said. The Ramones were big fans of this film, and when they played 'Pinhead' live they would often have someone dressed as a pinhead on stage holding a placard saying 'Gabba Gabba Hey' (The sign would usually be passed to Joey during the song).

The Ramones also loved the film Texas Chainsaw Massacre which is of course where the inspiration for the song Chainsaw comes from, but that's another story...

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