While the thought of a receding hairline causes panic and paranoia in many maturing adults, word of a receding gumline is usually answered with a shrug.

Receding gums are not about looks! They are caused by gum disease--as the disease compounds, the gums start detaching from the teeth, making the teeth looser and more vulnerable to further disease (usually painful).

It all begins when plaque builds up on the teeth and gums creating toxins in the crevices between a tooth and the gums. The bacteria eats away at the gum tissues, creating the sagging and also creating more pockets for the bacteria to settle in. Gingivitis comes first and then periodontitis when teeth typically start falling out.

Gum disease is preventable! Here I nagging now, but brush and floss daily, get checkups, and don't slack off! Having false teeth at the age of sixty doesn't seem any more pleasant than half-a-head of hair, but the teeth are a little easier to work on.

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