Lesson One: Do not expect your Chat Experience to be Meaningful.

Lesson Two: Do not be Offended.

Lesson Three: Do not Offend Others.

Lesson Four: ALWAYS TYPE IN CAPITALS so people can hear you.

Lesson Five: DO NOT talk Religion or Politics unless you are itching for a fight.

Lesson Six: Make fun of all your tyops, and only make fun of other people's tyops if they are really funny and/or you are feeling antagonistic.

Lesson Seven: Capitalize words randomly To add Weird emphasis.

Lesson Eight: Greet others ENTHUSIASTICALLY!!!

Lesson Nine: Announce your departure, but don't straggle so long as to look like you are collecting goodbyes.

Lesson Ten: Swear for emphasis or if you are saying "stop cussing, damn it!" In other situations, use foul language sparingly unless it'll be fun.

Lesson Eleven: Cyber Sex is Just Wrong (when other people do it, anyway).

Lesson Twelve: There is no Lesson Twelve.

Lesson Thirteen: Sit down and shut up. Don't stop talking.

Lesson Fourteen: Use a maximum of three exclaimation points unless you want to look gaudy!!!

Lesson Fifteen: Beware geeks bearing gifs.

Lesson Sixteen: Do not criticize misnumberings.

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