Panzerblitz is German for "armored lightening"

It is also a board game made by Avalon Hill back in its glory days of the 1970's; 1970 to be exact for this game. It is a fast playing easy to learn game of tactical level combat, specificlay armored combat.

The multiuse components of the game allows the players to mix and match the boards to recreate many of the battles of the eastern front war between Germany and Russia form 1941 thru 1945.

Scenerio cards detail what unit counters get used, what map configuration to set up, victory conditions and genral backround on the scenerios battle. The scenerios are well done, often leaving in the numerical superiorty of one side over another in so as to test the players skills rather than balancing it for the sake of "fairness"

The game's depth of play and ease of learning are probably what has kept it a popular board game amongst war gamers.

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