Most commonly found in the parking lots of universities, shopping malls, or other crowded places. Always on the watch for parking spots that will diminish walking distance, they will quickly spot and follow someone who they believe is about to drive away. On rare occasions, someone may find themselves in the middle of a parking lot feeding frenzy. Things can get rather feisty if 3 or 4 cars are competing over the same spot.

Here's a few ways to have some fun with the sharks (if you have too much time on your hands):

Note - Make sure you have your keys in hand.

- While walking to your car, stray off in a zig-zag fashion. This is a good way to start a feeding frenzy, as you will attract many cars.
- Walk past your car until the shark follows you past the parking spot; then turn abruptly and double back on your car.
- Once you get to your car, stand still and look at your keys for a couple of minutes.
- Start your car. Look straight ahead for a few minutes.
- Pull out of your parking spot extremely slow (take 2-3 minutes).
- Get in your car, start it, pull out an inch, pull back in. Get out. Repeat.
- Ask the shark to give you a dollar.

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