From: The Thorough Good Cook

Soups: 19. Pease Pudding

Pease pudding is so close an analogue to pea soup that I have not hesitated to introduce it in this place. Marrowy "melters," whether whole or split, are far the best peas for this good dish. Boil them tied loosely in a cloth till they will pulp through a colander; add salt, pepper, two beaten yolks of eggs; a good piece of butter; tie up firmly, and boil (with pork if boiling) for another half-hour, or hang the cloth before the fire till the pudding gets firm, then turn it out. If you are not too refined, and have a stalwart stomach, use dripping instead of butter. It will impart a marvelous zest to the pudding. And if you wish to make it closely and pleasantly akin to the Italian risotto, add some finely minced beef, liver, or kidney.

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