Nature calls indiscriminately, often in the most inappropriate times and places. Sometimes however, the fates are smiling, and you are somewhere where you may immediately relieve your bladder in a clean and environmentally friendly manner. One such place is the shower. Urine in itself is not as "dirty" and "icky" as some people (like my girlfriend) might have you believe. In fact, fresh urine can be used as a field astringent in a survival situation, so why should she have a problem with me taking a whizz in the shower?

The one time she saw me doing it, you would have thought I peed in her face or something! What a freak! Well, that was the last time I was blatant about it. I still do it, she just doesn't know about it.

Candlelight makes for a very pleasant shower, and it also helps to obscure your covert pissing. Be sure the candles are somewhere behind you as you do the deed. In the average shower, it is impossible for both people to share the nozzle at the same time. So the two of you take turns wetting your hair, shampooing, and then rinsing the hair. The shampoo rinse is the perfect time to do natures duty! Be sure you face the drain, away from your mate, and let go. The shampoo falls with your piss, and it is perfect camouflage. The soft foam also muffles the sound as it hits the drain.

Ahh, doesn’t that feel better?

Or, if you're female and need to do this, cross your legs and kiss your companion. Then, it's impossible to see what you're doing, and if you're still under the spray from the showerhead, it'll be indistinguishable from the rest of the water. This may be adaptable for use by males but i think you'd have to do something to make sure you stay aimed at the shower floor, as pissing on her leg may be a dead giveaway if she's at all observant.

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