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The Peekaboo (or Peek-a-boo) bikini is one of a number of common names for a style of "no coverage" female bathing suits—this phrase, being used rather loosely. Other umbrella terms include "microkinis", "microstrings", "microwear", "string-only bikinis", and the provocative (though generic) category "extreme bikinis".

For the most part, Peekaboo bikini bottoms are similar to the G-string, only "without material" between the individual strings themselves. On the "one-string bottom", the front of the garment is reduced to that of a single string, running along the cleft of Venus; the “two-string bottom”, in contrast, features two parallel strings forming a "crotchless" frame around the labia majora; lastly, the “three-string bottom” combines the features of these first two. As anyone wearing a Peekaboo bikini would be facing the near to complete exposure of her vulva, a preemptive Brazilian waxing is advised.

On the other hand, choosing a Peekaboo bikini top, despite the variety of options—whether they be vertical strings, horizontal strings, the shape of an outline, or what have you—becomes entirely a matter of personal taste, with the breast exposed all the same.

For the exhibitionist looking for variation, the one-piece Peekaboo slingshot bikinis are popular , though like more traditional slingshot bikinis, they tend to provide even less coverage than the standard two-piece—the strings, though clinging to the body, cover nothing. Monokinis, it seems, have also received the Peekaboo treatment. Take, for instance, certain "stringbody" styles, which begin first as a halter-style neck, before travelling down along a single string, between a model's bare breasts and across her stomach, before trailing off between her thighs.

Even among other styles, with their micromini sizes of female swimsuits, it's the Peekaboo bikini that finds itself the closest thing to not wearing anything at all. As an article of clothing, the Peekaboo runs counter to most every assumption commonly made regarding the purpose of a swimsuit, with some styles literally failing on every functional level. Perhaps the Peekaboo is really a kind of theoretical bikini, dependent wholly upon social expectations, and its own inability to conform to them.

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