...why is it always me? I bought a pendulum today, from a woman at the Pagan Pride event today. I was trying *so* hard to be good... not spend money, save like a good little college student. But she had alot of pretty shiny things, beads and baubles and such, and they were just so amazingly spiffy i started poking around. I found the tray of pendulums and picked up a particularly beautiful little number with a moss agate top-set, malachite and amethyst and green and purple glass beads terminated in a brass point. The moment i picked it up i thought "dammit... i'm spending money here today arent i?" It was particulartly attuned to me personally, the resonance was incredible.

Thirteen dollars and five minutes later, i have a new toy.

For a moment at least...
...wait... that was in a bag in my pocket *two seconds* ago!
it was *so* here!
Where the hell IS it?

After a bout of everyone there looking for it, everywhere i was, it is still...not found.
sudden flash of inspiration, i check the trash can.

It is, indeed, there. *how* it got there i'm *still* not sure. It was sitting there, wrapped up in a kit-kat wrapper that i had thrown away previously. *wrapped up*. this would make sense, except when i finished it, i put the candy wrapper in my *right* pocket. the pendulum was in my *left*. yet *somehow* it ends up, thrown away.

I think nothing of this, at the time at least. now i realize it should have been an indication of things.

Tonight, i'm sitting here online talking and playing with the thing, testing it. It passes. i put it down, pick it up again later. i idly think 'should i have really bought this damn thing? it was expensive' just *think* this now, i did *not* address it. But it starts swinging pretty violently 'yes'. So i address it 'stoppit! i didnt even ask a question yet!' and it just swings 'yes' harder. i nullify it, return it to rest state, then ask it "you're a real smartass, aren't you?" Three guesses to guess what it did...

Later still, i handed it to my roommate to play with, but it refused to work for her, suprising because in general she is more attuned than i. It just would *not* answer. So finally i take it back and again not addressing just thinking go "oh behave, you!" ...as it starts swinging "no"...

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