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I would be very interested having a penis, just for a day, because I cannot fathom what having a bodily protrusion that immense covered with nerve endings would feel like. But, if I could, it would allow me to get a much better understanding of just what men experience; how they become aroused, where their more sensitive areas are, what it feels like to pee standing up, the comparison between male and female orgasms... the list goes on. I would be able to understand just what getting blue balls feels like, and if it really hurts as much as some men claim. I would even get to "re-adjust" myself publicly. I would get erections publicly, just to confuse people. I would masturbate, because it is definitely much easier for men than women.

I wonder if, being a woman and having all my womanly knowledge, it would be much easier for me to get laid than a male, and furthermore, I could help settle some of the oral sex debates of the century; spit or swallow?, is cunnilingus or fellatio more difficult?

But beyond all that, it would give me an inside look at a male's emotions, perhaps I would take a liking to sports and useless electronic gizmos. Maybe my physics grades would improve, who knows? Most of all, it would give me a better idea of what men like in bed, because, complain all they might about women not giving directions, men are just as bad, most women simply don't take the time to notice because it doesn't take a lot of skill to get men off. I want to be able to give a man the best orgasm possible. I am a perfectionist, what can I say.

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