Fictional character in Stephen King's IT. Pennywise is an evil demon thing that kills children in the city of Derry while in the guise of a clown.
Pennywise is active in 25 year cycles and was ultimately destroyed by a small group of childhood friends who nearly succeeded in destroying it 25 years earlier.

Actually, Pennywise The Dancing Clown appears in cycles of 27 years, but the cycle is not exact. "It" can masquerade itself to appear as whoever or whatever "It" wants, but mostly "It" appears as clown.

In the book, the group of children return in year 1985 to Derry (in Maine) to kill "It", as they promised to do so in year 1958, when they first met "It", and nearly killed "It". Pennywise The Dancing Clown's real name was Robert "Bob" Gray.

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