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People Under the Stairs (not to be confused with the movie "The People Under the Stairs") is an old school-sounding underground rap group formed by members Thes One and Double K. As their website, peopleunderthestairs.net, exemplifies,

"Let us remember a time when hip-hop was good. When beats consisted of looped music (an evolution of the DJ going back and forth with funky breaks), rhymes that reflected the nuances of everyday b-boy life, scratching that musically captured the rhythms and sounds of a passing city, and of course, soul! The People Under The Stairs are stuck in this era, and their art is much more than their music, it is the vibe they convey through it."

People Under the Stairs' music is the ultimate recipe for chilling out (chronic is optional yet recommended), as is clearly seen in the songs Hang Loose and Acid Rain Drops, both on the album OST. This seems to be a popular rap group at Oberlin College. You see, the rigid work ethic there sometimes causes one to feel a lot of stress (like acid rain drops on one's brain), and mary jane is the only thing that makes the pain stop!

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