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Currently this (fictional) organization is made up mostly of fringe botanists, fanatical gardeners, and other extreme plant lovers. El Seed, self-proclaimed liberator of the plant world, was a founding member but decided that they were not radical enough and broke away to continue his own campaign against the plant abusers.

Their goal (supported by the beef eaters conspiracy) is to convert America to being carnivores and to stop the mistreatment of plants. Though they do allow that it is okay to use plants that have died naturally there are those within the organization that loudly proclaim that this is disrespectful and dead plants should be composted so they can return to the soil. (Some are secretly part of the Vegetable Liberation Front.) Also they do not object to the picking or eating of fruits, but eating seeds in any form is right out.

Recent campaigns include Carrot Juice is Murder and one to build sympathy for baby vegetables.

They are intense enemies of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals currently. But many suspect that if PETA were to ever succeed in eliminating the use of Animals they would try to take over PETV to prevent people from eating or doing anything.

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