I've had plenty of people tell me they hate a certain food, not because of how it tastes, but the texture. This I mostly don't understand. I think the only thing that I could imagine this applying to is oysters, but I've had people say the following foods have bad texture: Most of the time, it's things people consider slimy. But really, if you're chewing it, slimy isn't that important. It gets slimy when mixed with your saliva anyway.

I guess people are entitled, but I think it's unfair.

moJoe: Wow. That's very different that what I was thinking of. I figured people just didn't like something, not that they had a physical reaction to it. Obviously, if it's the latter, that's not applicable here.

This is called "tactile defensiveness". When applied to food, tactile defensiveness is much worse than simply not liking the taste; it can trigger any number of involutary, bodily defensive responses.

I have quite a severe case of tactile defensiveness and when I bite into foods such as onions, tomatoes, lettuce or broccoli, my body attempts to eject the food from my mouth. It is physically impossible for me to eat these foods because I automatically gag (actually gag, vile noises and all) and, upon the unlikely event that I am stupid enough to try to swollow the food, vomit when it hits the back of my throat. My body simply will not allow me to ingest certain foods, try as I might.

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