Experiencing the night, for me, can only be done alone. I doubt any of my friends would really understand the pull of shadows, the very essence of the cool night.

My single best moment, the epiphany of my later life, was deep in the woods. Even in the city you may find the resting grounds of rapture, the forests. Between the branches of my trees shined a glorious full moon. Silvery light bathed the trees, the ground, and me. I felt perfect solitude then. All my troubles, every mundane thing died and the forest was there for the magic it possessed, and nothing more. I was alone, part of the forest, and magical.

It was enchanting. I return to that small forest in the city on occasion, to taste the sweet air and breathe the life of the soil and the trees. Some people have their cars, their jobs, their polluted highways. I'll take the soil, the trees, and magic instead.

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