A not-for-profit organization which establishes Perl users groups accross the nation (globe.. what have you) . I belong (ok, just joined) the PDX Perl Mongers in Portland, Oregon. Meetings are sometimes attended by known Perl Gurus such as Randal Schwartz, who frequents the PDX group. If you live in a major metropolitain area there is a good chance that there is a Perl Mongers group near you. Some groups are primarily social, while others (like Seattle) are educational cooperatives, however most groups are somewhere in between. Each regional group is compleatley independent from the others, and are really only joined by having their e-mail list and site hosted by pm.org. Membership to Perl Mongers is free (as in free beer). The pm.org site also gives you the resources to start your own Perl Mongers group in your area.

Oh, and they also have cool T-shirts.

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