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Voiced by "legendary" voice actor Stan Freberg, this Warner Brothers cartoon character has only appeared in two cartoons over the extent of his entire career - the legendary Rabbit's Kin and Pullet Surprise, produced in 1997 to accompany the animated feature Cats Can't Dance.

Pete is a mountain lion with some severe speech defects - he never sounds less than half-drunk. In the former cartoon, he has a taste for young Bunny-meat (much to the nonplussedness of Uncle Bugs), while in the latter he has decided to try his luck with chicken, falling afowl (groan) of none other than the mighty Foghorn Leghorn.

Pete will stop short of nothing to get his quarry, employing even the dirty cartoon trick of flat-out unbelievable transvestitism, nominally masquerading as the mother of the young animal he intends to dine on. Unfortunately, he upholds the facade too firmly, and when asked if "she" would like a cup of tea, the grace of a housewife demands accordance (or, after three or four wallops, a request for "KAWfee!" instead). His memory isn't too good, which means that he will inevitably ask for three or four when asked how many lumps he wants, naively assuming that the question pertains to sugar in his tea rather than concussions delivered with a mallet. Perhaps the reason he keeps forgetting and asking for more lumps is a result of permanent neurological damage as a result from the infliction of all the previous lumps? The world may never know.

His trademark slurred squeal/screech can be heard by listening to http://www.nonstick.com/sounds/Pete_Puma/ltpu_017.wav

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