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Classic computer game for C64, Atari 800 and also VIC 20 from Synapse Software. (Some sources claim it also was available for ZX Spectrum and other Atari models, but I haven't been able to confirm that.) Synapse also released such great games as Blue Max, Fort Apocalypse and Zaxxon. Pharaoh's Curse was released in 1983 and was programmed by Steve Coleman and Jason Hyatt, according to the start screen in the game itself. Later on, 1990 it was released for Amiga and possibly Atari ST and Synapse Software were also taken over by Broderbound.

This is a game in the genre platform games, or more specifically run-around-in-rooms-and-collect-stuff-in-order-to-reach-the-next-level. In Pharaoh's Curse, you're an archeologist looking for treasures in tombs. The rooms are connected to each other in all directions; fall through the hole in the floor and you'll fall from the roof of another room. The rooms have elevators, ropes, secret walls and all the other usual stuff that will help you reach the treasure. There's also a mummy and ancient Egyptian chasing you, as well as a large bird that will occasionally pick you up and let you off far away.

Once you finish one level, the next level is the same with only a few rooms added. This makes the game somewhat boring after the first three levels or so. Each level has a secret code that can be entered for quick access. The codes are

And that's as far as I've ever gotten. I think I myself spent as much time trying to break the level 4 code as playing the game. Which probably says more about me than anything else. Judging from what's available on the internet, noone else made it past level 3 either.

This game, as well as most great c64 games, is available at c64.com for use in a c64 emulator.

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