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Love of men in general. Often used to describe women, as in philandering and philandristic.

This node was created as the only missing definition in a set of words related to misogyny (hatred of women). See this node for construction of these words. See also Philogyny (love of women), Misandry (hatred of men), Misanthropy (hatred of people) and Philanthropy (love of people). All the others were defined from Webster already.

Philandry is not the same as philanthrophy. Philanthrophy has the connotation of giving away money or otherwise being charitable, Philandry has the connotation of giving it away.

Philandry should not be the same as philanthrophy. The male often stands in for people general, but in this case firstly there is a need for a word for the love of men as opposed to people and secondly this is the real-world usage. Rare but real.

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