Phrack (from 'phreak' + 'hack') magazine was founded in 1985 by Knight Lightning and Taran King. It's persisted in one form or another to this day. New issues can be found at

Volume One, Issue One was released November 17, 1985 -- the Table of Contents is included for posterity:

  1. An Introduction to Phrack Inc. by Taran King
  2. SAM Security Article by Spitfire Hacker
  3. Boot Tracing on Apple by Cheap Shades
  4. The Fone Phreak's Revenge by Iron Soldier
  5. MCI International Cards by Knight Lightning
  6. How to Pick Master Locks by Gin Fizz and Ninja NYC
  7. How to Make an Acetylene Bomb by The Clashmaster
  8. School/College Computer Dial-Ups by Phantom Phreaker

Although not the first, Phrack was certainly one of the more popular of the underground magazines. It was required reading for the fledgling deviant BBSers of the late 1980's and early 1990's.

A few other naughty mags of the same era include Cult of the Dead Cow, 40 hex, and 2600 (albeit in deadtree format).

One of the most inspiring of the underground hacker t-files has got to be the mentor's hacker manifesto.

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