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(AKA Pierre Plantard de Saint Clair)

French Politician, and supposed Grand Master of the Priory of Sion from the death of Jean Cocteau until his resignation in 1984. Together with Phillipe de Cherisey, one of the main architects of the Priory's 20th-Century revival.

Plantard claims to be of Merovingian decent, and states that his family's motto is Et in Arcadia ego followed by three dashes.

If the statutes of the Priory as given in The Holy Blood & The Holy Grail are to be believed, Plantard would have been succeded as Grand Master by his son, Thomas. It is, of course, entirely possible that the entire Priory of Sion / Rennes-le-Chateau conspiracy theory is nothing more than an elaborate hoax on the part of Plantard and de Cherisey; but if so, it is one of the best planned and most wide-ranging practical jokes in history

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