A "game" made by Bill Budge for Electronic Arts in 1983. The game was produced for many platforms, including my own beloved IBM PC. It was also unique in that it was packaged in the Electronic Art's flat box style. (About 9", it folded out into three parts. About the thickness of a record album.)

On the IBM, it had to conform to the idiotic CGA standard. Yay! 4 colors! And the wonderful PC sound. Oooh ooh. I'm kind of glad those days are over. Other platforms appeared to have fared better for this game. (I've just been told that on the PCjr or Tandy it could do 16 colors. I always was envious of the those machines' gaming ability... Until I got my first VGA card. Then I was SET!)

The game came with several fun pinball games as samples, and in addition let you make your own pinball games. With it, you could pretend you were actually making your own video game... And still be moderately truthful. The IBM version let you actually make .COM files which were standalone pinball games. (Though, on a fast machine, they suffered from the waytoofast play syndrome.)

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