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music by Trey Anastasio
lyrics by Tom Marshall
improvisations by Phish
appears on:
Farmhouse : Track 8
Hampton Comes Alive : Disc 3 : Track 2
Live Phish 04 - 06/14/00 : Disc 1 : Track 7
Live Phish 05 - 07/08/00 : Disc 2 : Track 2
Trampled by Lambs & Pecked by the Dove : Track 8

the words are the worlds I sailed upon
Piper, Piper the red red worm
awoke last night to the sound of the storm

Piper is a hot jamming song, which rolls around your skull and then explodes out of the back of your brain like a man being shot out of a cannon.

Pi"per (?), n. [L.]

See Pepper.


© Webster 1913.

Pip"er (?), n.

1. Mus.

One who plays on a pipe, or the like, esp. on a bagpipe.

"The hereditary piper and his sons."


2. Zool. (a)

A common European gurnard (Trigla lyra), having a large head, with prominent nasal projection, and with large, sharp, opercular spines.


A sea urchin (Goniocidaris hystrix) having very long spines, native of both the American and European coasts.

To pay the piper, to bear the cost, expense, or trouble.


© Webster 1913.

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