Wonderfully awful 1981 movie, directed by (of all people) James Cameron in his directorial debut. In this terrible sequel to the classic Piranha, a U.S. Navy ship carrying genetically mutated piranha eggs crashes near a resort tropical island. Next thing you know, there a piranha flying (because they now have wings) all over the place, chomping people right in the throat.

Chill as an Isaac Hayes-looking man tries to fight off flying piranha with a Tiki-Torch!

Thrill as a vacationer builds a bomb out of spare dynamite and his wristwatch!

Become ill at the sight of the rubber piranha who fly through the air on clearly visible wires!

In all seriousness, this is one bad flick. The only actor worth mentioning is Lance Henriksen, who does next to nothing in the film. It's just plain silly - one piranha hides in the chest cavity of one victim for a good day or so until another hapless soul happens upon the body. Tons of horny people try to satisfy their Jonesing to no avail. And the piranha still make that weird sound whenever they're on screen, and they always see through a red-tinged filter.

Rumor has it that Cameron, who stayed up many nights making rubber piranha by himself, wasn't allowed to edit the film once shooting was completed. But really, would it have been any better if he did?

Go watch Piranha, then Alligator, then C.H.U.D, then maybe Def-Con 4, and then come back for Piranha II. Yes, it's that bad.

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