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Two Places I Have Visited

A compare and contrast essay usually involves two different things. The writer tries to show the different experiences offered by each destination and by the end of the essay has made his or her opinion known to the reader. Vacation spots are sometimes made the subject of such essays. This is what my essay will be based on. I have visited many places here and in other countries. I will attempt to show the differences between my most recently visited places, Las Vegas and California.

Many people have chosen Las Vegas as their favorite vacation spot for years now. With its alluring scenery and breathtaking casinos, travelers find it hard to resist the chance to strike it rich in this city that never sleeps. The trouble is many families that choose this vacation spot forget one thing, their children. Poor research and planning can only lead to bored and grumpy kids. Speaking as a kid (because in Las Vegas you are a kid if you are not 21) for the kids, we need to make it known to parents that Las Vegas is not the best place for us. Las Vegas has attempted recently to make their city more child friendly, but its efforts have failed. There is simply not enough entertainment in this town for the younger generation. Parents need to decide before taking the family to Las Vegas if they are going because they want to or because their kids want to. Upon considering this more then likely the parents will decide that they were only thinking about themselves. Granted Las Vegas is a wonderful place to spend time as an adult but most families don’t have the luxury of traveling without children. Families need to travel to vacation spots that are marketed towards an entire family and not just adults.

California is another vacation spot that families seem to choose over and over. California as a state is more oriented towards a family then Las Vegas and the activities they offer seem to go over better with the younger generation. It is because of these offerings that California has been ranked number 1 in the top 10 best vacation spots for families in the last 5 years. Many people are surprised at this because California is usually looked upon as a haven for movie stars and many criminals. California offers breathtaking natural parks and a giant ocean. Families seem to enjoy this type of activity together. Nature has everything that casinos don’t. California offers a huge zoo and a wonderful selection of activities for the kids at these attractive destinations. The best attraction that has always made them a popular destination for vacationing families seems to be Disneyland, the place that every kid dreams of. Mickey and Minnie greet the pint-sized visitors with loads of love and the sheer joy emanating from their faces is enough to make any parent smile. Disneyland offers every kid a wonderful time at a price that is very affordable for many parents. California has many attractions that are not offered anywhere else in the United States and that is why it is such a popular vacation spot.

In the end parents decide the fate of their children, and ultimately the destination will be up to them. This essay is meant to inform the parents and other possible trip takers of the different facts about each vacation destination. Parents should go to Las Vegas alone to relive a second honeymoon but never take their kids there. California is more of a family destination then anywhere else I have ever been to. The memory of walking into Disneyland will be etched in my mind forever and I will be eternally grateful to my mother for taking me there. Las Vegas on the other hand was the most boring trip I have ever been on, but I cant wait to go back when I am 21 to experience the night life and the wonderful scene offered to adults, single and married.

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