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A liberal arts honors program at the University of Texas at Austin. Admits approximately 100 students each year, who major and earn BAs in Plan II (though most double-major or take a concentration elsewhere as well). Students take classes in logic and philosophy, as well as advanced versions of standard intro courses. Plan II also offers classes in biology and math designed to teach non-majors why these subjects are important, comprehensible, and really cool.

Plan II is a nationally-renowned program, both in its price range (~$2000/year for Texas residents, or $10,000 otherwise) and over all universities, private and public. Students are able to interact with the best faculty members, who may not teach any other undergraduate classes. They also get to meet others who share their intellectual rigor and love of diversity in learning, which is no mean feat in a school of 50,000 students.

I am a Plan II graduate, and while I was initially not so wild about attending a state university, I am very happy with my education. Better by far than becoming the most accomplished, laser-focused scientist one can be is to become a generally intelligent individual who retains the capaicty to care about a wide variety of things, and learn from many sources. As technophobia becomes more and more dangerous, and the rate of change accelerates constantly, people who aren't afraid to learn new skills or understand things outside their specialty are vital to our survival.

It's the Enkidu story again.

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