Point Salad is a is card game published by Alderac Entertainment Group. It is a simple yet fun drafting / set collection game, and an excellent quick game to introduce new players to board games or to fill in the margins of a game night.

The layout consists of three piles of face-down cards and six refilling face-up cards. The face-down cards are not inactive, but show rules for scoring; the face-up cards show various vegetables. Each turn a player will pick either two vegetables, or one rule. The game continues until all cards are drafted

Rules take the form of "score two points for each pepper", "if you have the most onions, get seven points", "get five points for each set of onion, lettuce, tomato", or "lose two points for each cabbage". No points are scored until the end of the game, at which time every rule a player has is scored for every vegetable they have.

The game is simple enough that most people will have it down on the first play-through, if not by the end of the first round. However, it allows for fairly complex strategizing; balancing the number of rules you collect with the number and type of vegetables; making sure your rules synergize well; and hate drafting or planning around you opponent's rules -- all present challenges that you can sink mental energy into, if you choose.

It is also surprisingly difficult to get a good score consistently, which some people may find frustrating, and involves math when adding up, but this isn't too bad if you have a phone or calculator. Other than those caveats, this is a game I can recommend to most people without worrying too much about gaming ability or tolerance for game complexity/simplicity, which makes it a great all-around game.


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